A Faculty Perspective on the First ACE Review of a MOOC: What We Learned, and Where Do We Go Now?

Thursday, November 07 | 3:20PM–3:45PM
Session Type: Professional Development

NOTE: The times listed are in EASTERN TIME.

The American Council on Education's College Credit Recommendation Service (CREDIT) reviewed the first MOOCs for credit this past year. This session will review the ACE process and how this review was similar to and different from those of traditional and/or online course. Issues addressed will include: How can we effectively measure the quality of a MOOC? What are the challenges to using a MOOC in an academic setting? What about student learning objectives and course integrity?

Learning Objectives: Understand the processes of an ACE review | Understand how reviewing a MOOC compares to reviewing traditional and/or online courses |Explore the use of MOOCs in academic settings, including for prior learning assessment


  • Beth Allan

    Associate Professor of Biology, University of Central Oklahoma

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