Adaptively Building Math Skills with ALEKS

Thursday, November 07 | 2:45PM–3:10PM
Session Type: Professional Development

NOTE: The times listed are in EASTERN TIME.

ALEKS is a pioneer in basic math adaptive learning systems. The underpinning AI utilizes "big data" to ascertain and implement efficient curriculum paths for individual students. Students are not spending time on skills they have mastered; they are concentrating on skills they are ready to learn. ALEKS provides an instructor with class information to enable development of well-tuned daily instruction strategies. The instructor can focus on areas most needed by the class (or groups), thus creating a "master teaching" environment. Overall course/curriculum assessment is also readily obtained. This session will focus on benefits and pitfalls of ALEKS implementation.

Learning Objectives: Understand how ALEKS provides students with specific paths through the curriculum and how students perceive its advantages | Learn about implementation strategies that enhance success | Learn about some pitfalls of such systems in a traditional higher education environment


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