Design Thinking for Higher Education

Tuesday, November 05 | 3:25PM–4:20PM
Session Type: Professional Development

NOTE: The times listed are in EASTERN TIME.

Design thinking is an approach to innovation that combines human desirability, business viability, and technical feasibility to develop solutions to society's everyday problems. By putting people at the center, designing thinking and the human-centered design process ask innovators and leaders to tackle problems from multiple perspectives, especially those of people whose needs and desires are at the core of any problem. During our session, we will provide an overview of design thinking and how this approach has been used to tackle challenges ranging from product design to large-scale organizational concerns. We will describe the various mind-sets that make up IDEO's unique style of design thinking. Finally, we will walk through and flesh out a human-centered design process that includes three key areas: inspiration, ideation, and experimentation.

Learning Objectives: Gain a solid foundation of what designing thinking is and what kinds of problems it can address | Understand the basic steps in a prototypical human-centered design process | Understand how design thinking and human-centered design could be used to tackle problems in the space of higher education


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