MOOCs and Beyond: A University Perspective

Tuesday, November 05 | 2:25PM–2:50PM
Session Type: Professional Development

NOTE: The times listed are in EASTERN TIME.

While distance and online learning are decades old, the launch of MOOCs attracting hundreds of thousands of individuals per course has changed the educational landscape. Faculty at many universities are excited about teaching in new ways, while colleges and universities seek to understand the risks and opportunities of the moment. From a university standpoint, new learning models and the technology that supports them may be used in four important ways: to improve teaching and learning on campus, to expand programs through distance learning, to share content with other institutions, and to provide free courses that bring recognition to faculty and support learners around the world. In addition, data collection associated with online delivery can provide new insight into educational effectiveness on an unprecedented scale. Through this transformation of education, we as academics can do our best to bring insight and understanding into the public vision. Experienced educators can develop successful teaching and learning models and publish evaluative studies meeting academic standards. We can hope that public understanding of college courses will lead to stronger appreciation of faculty teaching and greater rewards for those who inspire students.

Learning Objectives: Understand the opportunities for colleges and universities to use online learning in four ways | Learn about data-centered research associated with online courses | Understand the value of university research in improving education


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