Personalized Learning Using Continuously Adaptive Technology

Thursday, November 07 | 1:10PM–1:55PM
Session Type: Professional Development

NOTE: The times listed are in EASTERN TIME.

Personalized learning at ASU utilizes a continuously adaptive, technology-based system in which course content is delivered to students according to their pace of learning and other characteristics. Each student must learn each concept before progressing in a self-paced manner to the next lesson, ultimately completing the course by learning all concepts. Assessment of learning of the individual student is a continuous process provided to the student and instructor. The instructor can monitor each student, determine when a student is struggling with a concept, and direct attention to that student at the time needed. This method resulted in dramatic improvement in the performance of students in developmental mathematics. It has been extended to other freshmen math courses and will be used in the sciences and other disciplines.

Learning Objectives: Be able to distinguish different modes of personalized learning | Learn about key elements of a continuously adaptive model | Understand how the role of faculty in these courses differs from a traditional model


  • Phil Regier

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