Building a Community to Redesign Learning Spaces across Campus and Make Them a Strategic Priority

Wednesday, October 29 | 1:30PM–1:55PM
Session Type: Professional Development
In 2006, McGill University created one centralized group, the Teaching and Learning Spaces Working Group (TLSWG), to coordinate and prioritize, based on sound pedagogical principles, all funding for classroom renovations. This group of 45-plus members includes all stakeholders of learning spaces, both the academic (e.g., faculty and students) and operational sectors (e.g., facilities, IT services, registrar). The TLSWG has been responsible for improvements in over 350 classrooms and has created a community dedicated to the improvement of learning spaces across campus. In addition, TLSWG has contributed to the inclusion of spaces as a strategic priority. This session will discuss key success criteria and lessons learned.

OUTCOMES: Learn about key criteria for the success of a multidisciplinary, transparent working group to improve learning spaces across campus * Apply our lessons learned from this process to your institution * Discuss how the renovation of learning spaces can be an access point for promoting discourse about teaching and learning