A Systematic Method for Improving Instruction through Student Feedback

Tuesday, April 01 | 2:10PM–2:25PM
Session Type: Professional Development

The Center for Teaching and Learning at the University of Georgia offers midsemester formative evaluations (MSFE) to those who teach at the university. The purpose of an MSFE is to provide structured, anonymous feedback from students to instructors regarding the functioning of the class and the quality of student learning at around the midpoint in the semester. A consultation session takes place with the instructor within days of student data collection to discuss the results and to determine courses of action to improve the course prior to the end of the semester. This session will discuss this process at length.

Outcomes: Understand the benefits for faculty and students associated with midsemester formative evaluations * Understand how to perform UGA's midsemester formative evaluation process on your campus * Understand how these processes can be used in the promotion and tenure process to provide evidence of engagement in your own teaching


  • Eddie Watson

    Associate Vice President, Association of American Colleges & Universities

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