IMPACT: Customized Faculty Development for Learner-Centered Course Redesign

Wednesday, April 02 | 1:55PM–2:10PM
Session Type: Professional Development

IMPACT at Purdue University works with instructors to redesign large-enrollment, foundational courses with the aim of engaging students more fully in their learning and creating a more student-centered environment, with the expectation that this will improve student success. IMPACT faculty are guided through a semester-long "course" of FLC (Faculty Learning Community) sessions based on IMPACT's design model. Faculty also work with a small support team that provides guidance and expertise in the areas of educational technology, instructional design, information literacy, and learning assessment. Year-three program and course assessment measures and results will be discussed.

Outcomes: Discuss IMPACT's program of support for faculty in creating student-centered, active learning * List the program and course assessments used by the IMPACT program * Formulate useful takeaways for your institution's faculty development programs


  • Donalee Attardo

    Senior Director, Academic Technology, University of Minnesota

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Interactive Course Design Website []
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Active Learning in the Large Class [ Learning in the Large Class.pdf]
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