When One Size No Longer Fits All: Preparing a Diverse Faculty for the Ever-Changing Online Environment

Wednesday, April 02 | 2:10PM–2:25PM
Session Type: Professional Development

As online faculty are coming to college with more diverse skills in building and delivering online courses, our one-size-fits-all online faculty development model is no longer well-suited for the college or the faculty. Guided by a more competency-based strategy, we are in the process of redesigning our faculty training and development model to provide a more customized and layered approach to preparing faculty to teach online, including self-paced tutorials, evidence-based assessments, modeling, and mentoring. Our goal is to provide an efficient, scalable, and sustainable model to meet faculty where they are while offering high-quality online learning for students.

Outcomes: Identify the challenges of an existing online faculty training and development strategy * Distinguish between the skills/competencies needed to develop versus facilitate/manage an online course * Identify and accommodate for the time needed for faculty to gain the competencies needed to build and/or facilitate an online course * Determine how to best track ongoing faculty development


  • Reta Chaffee

    Director of Educational Technology, Granite State College

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