Curious, Creative, and Collaborative Approaches to Innovative Organizations

Tuesday, September 15 | 2:45PM–3:15PM
Session Type: Professional Development

Every organization realizes the need for innovative practices, but finding the right approach can be a challenge. No amount of brainstorming or beanbag chairs can ensure group creativity. However, devoting time to develop an approach that works for your organization can yield new opportunities to engage faculty, collaborate with colleagues, and challenge yourself. This presentation will explore practical models for developing an entrepreneurial spirit within your organization to solve problems and generate momentum.

Participants will critically evaluate approaches to encouraging creative thinking within their organizations and identify both successful and unsuccessful practices; verbalize stories or business cases that describe the need for innovation and inspire action; and identify typical challenges, both organization and emotional, to developing and implementing innovative practices.


  • Kyle Bowen

    Deputy CIO, Arizona State University

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