The Unizin Consortium: How Universities Are Working Together to Shape the Future of Digital Learning

Wednesday, September 16 | 1:05PM–1:25PM
Session Type: Professional Development

As students evolve, so do the systems and tools that shape the way we engage, educate, and inspire them. Faculty and students are increasingly interested in a range of learning capabilities applicable to residential, online, and hybrid courses. In this session, we will discuss how the Unizin Consortium members are working together to provide a common standards-based learning ecosystem, with Canvas by Instructure as the core learning management system platform. Through this common infrastructure, Unizin services enable faculty and students at member institutions to draw on an evolving set of tools to shape the future of digital education.

Participants will understand the goals of the Unizin Consortium; explore examples of how Unizin can provide support for content discovery and curation as well as learning analytics; and describe how faculty, teaching center consultants, and learning technologists are working together to shape the future of digital education.


  • Anastasia Morrone

    Dean, Indiana University Bloomington

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