NGDLE Discussion: Interoperability and Customization

Wednesday, April 27 | 1:35PM–2:05PM
Session Type: Professional Development
Interoperability is the digital linchpin for any new learning environment. Interoperability not only avoids costly, time-consuming integration programming but also provides a digital foundation for the key, user-facing functional domain of personalization and customization. But what does interoperability, when it works, really "look like"? What are ways it makes an impact on a campus and enables an institution's learning agenda to move forward and transform? In this session, expert facilitators will explore the theme of interoperability, the standards that are of special relevance to learning, and ways in which it is having an impact on their campus. By participating, attendees will have a fuller understanding of standards and how they promote and enable interoperability and will gain a richer understanding of how interoperability can make a tangible difference in our learning environments.


  • Sean DeMonner

    Executive Director of Teaching & Learning, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
  • Avi Hyman

    Director, Academic, Research & Collaborative (ARC) Technologies, University of Toronto
  • Rose Rocchio

    Director of Mobile Web Research and Accessibility, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

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