NGDLE Discussion: Learning Analytics, Advising, and Learning Assessment

Wednesday, April 27 | 2:10PM–2:55PM
Session Type: Professional Development
Learning analytics, integrated student advising, and the assessment of learning all share a reliance on learner data. With standards emerging that will help exchange and compile that data, it would seem that we are on the cusp of developing new and powerful ways to support learners and to increase overall student success. These three dimensions are then of fundamental importance for any new and innovative learning environment. In this segment, expert facilitators will cover developments in these three areas and their longer-term potential to contribute to the transformation of the learning environment. By participating, attendees will gain a better sense of the data and the data standards associated with these three areas as well as their future directions.


  • Bernard Bull

    President, Goddard College
  • Vince Kellen

    Chief Information Officer (CIO), University of California San Diego
  • Rick Sluder

    Vice Provost for Student Success and Dean of University College, Middle Tennessee State University

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