Organizational Structures and Leadership in Support of Student Success

Tuesday, September 26 | 2:55PM–4:10PM ET
Session Type: Virtual
Building Stronger Collaboration Between IR and IT: What Got Us Here Won't Get Us There
John O'Brien, President and CEO, EDUCAUSE
Christine Keller, Executive Director, AIR

While the challenges and opportunities of IT and IR professionals are unique, our communities have a great deal in common. Both IT and IR began essentially as utilities, working in isolation, but this approach is no longer acceptable these days, when data and data systems are expanding exponentially and when technology provides the foundation for the transformation of higher education across the board. In this session, the leaders of EDUCAUSE and AIR will explore new models for IT-IR collaboration.

Does Strong Leadership Really Play a Role in Students' Lives?
Karen Stout, President and CEO, Achieving the Dream
The transformative change necessary for successful technology-enabled advising requires not only structural and process changes but also attitudinal changes that impact the way people view their role in student success. The speaker will share lessons learned from a national perspective across the 200 colleges in the Achieving the Dream Network as well as personal insights from her time as president of a college that successfully adopted technology-enabled advising.

  • Understand how adaptive leadership can and must transform results for students
  • Increase your understanding of how presidential leadership is vital in connecting the many initiatives that address student success
  • Learn how leaders can ensure accountability for reaching specific student success goals and outcomes

Defining Next-Generation Universities through Innovation, Collaboration, and Diffusion
Michael Crow, President, Arizona State University
America's success in an increasingly competitive global economy depends largely on its ability to prepare and graduate greater numbers of well-qualified, adaptable students. Currently, less than half of students nationwide who start two- or four-year college ever graduate. Yet, by 2020, 65% of jobs will require at least some degree of postsecondary education. The critical need to solve this complex problem motivated 11 U.S. public research universities to form the University Innovation Alliance (UIA), which has committed to the sharing of ideas and effective practices in order to redesign their campuses to serve more students across the socioeconomic spectrum, while also improving outcomes for those students. During this webinar, Michael Crow will discuss some of the key challenges faced by American higher education and how this group of universities is overcoming those challenges by collaborating and scaling innovations with meaningful impact to drive student success.

  • Examine the existing challenges and ramifications of global college attainment
  • Learn how focused higher ed collaboration is developing effective, scalable solutions and measurable outcomes
  • Explore how innovative partnerships are helping shape the future of American higher education

Creating a University Coalition to Achieve Student Success
Elizabeth A. Dooley, Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning, University of Central Florida
Maribeth Ehasz, Vice President for Student Development and Enrollment Services, University of Central Florida

The University of Central Florida, one of the nation's largest universities with nearly 66,000 students, is recognized for its work to improve retention and graduation rates. The university's strategic plan, Collective Impact, serves as a guide for allocating resources and prioritizing student success initiatives, metrics, and strategies. In this webinar, the speakers will provide an overview of UCF's strategy for building an innovative campus-wide coalition for achieving aggressive student success metrics.

  • Learn how UCF supports retention and graduation
  • Learn how UCF galvanized campus and created a culture of student success
  • Gain insight into UCF's organizational leadership model for deploying and structuring campus-wide student success initiatives
  • Explore UCF's proactive strategies for driving student success by using big data to predict and improve student outcomes


  • Michael Crow

    President, Arizona State University
  • Elizabeth Dooley

    Faculty Member, University of Central Florida
  • Maribeth Ehasz

    VP, Student Development & Enrollment Services, University of Central Florida
  • Christine Keller

    Executive Director & CEO, Association for Institutional Research (AIR)
  • John O'Brien

    President & CEO, EDUCAUSE
  • Karen Stout

    President and CEO, Achieving the Dream, Inc

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