When Content Is Not Enough: How ASU is Improving Learner Outcomes through Backward Design

Tuesday, July 17 | 12:50PM–1:10PM ET
Session Type: Virtual
Too often, learning experiences are content-centric, heavily anchored in textbooks and lectures. In this session, we will provide case studies and results from ASU's active adaptive course implementations to show how backward-designed, personalized, engaging learning designs move students and instructors beyond content to focus more on learning outcomes. We will additionally describe how this process represented content in new, innovative ways with outcome-aligned activities, formative assessment, and rich feedback

Explore the successful elements of a backward-designed learning experience and its advantages over a content-centric approach * Identify (and then avoid) common pitfalls in redesigning a content-centric curriculum * Apply sound learning design principles and ASU's lessons learned to a curriculum project


  • Dale Johnson

    Director of Adaptive Learning Initiatives, Arizona State University
  • Jon Mott

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