Bridges: Essential Elements of Organizational Success

Tuesday, November 13 | 5:00PM–12:00AM ET
Session Type: Virtual
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Along the path of one's leadership career, it is vital to build bridges—structures connecting two distinct segments of a community. Nurturing and encouraging relationships—among members of a department, across members of a committee, with faculty, students, board members, and vendor partners—is critical work for an effective leader. Through genuine humility, honesty, inclusivity, and enablement, it's possible to establish a culture that fosters positive morale, creativity, collaboration, high performance and, ultimately, success. In short, a people-before-technology philosophy yields better organizational results.

Outcomes: Learn skills necessary in the nurturing and encouragement of meaningful professional relationships * Learn about the impact such relationships have on the success of a department, a committee, or an organization * Learn why traits such as humility, honesty, inclusivity, and enablement are critical to success as a leader


  • Celeste Schwartz

    Vice President for Information Technology & Institutional Effectiveness, Montgomery County Community College

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