What's Up, Doc? Leading Technology-Based Innovations in Medical Education

Monday, June 08 | 2:00PM–3:00PM
Session Type: Professional Development
Malcolm Brown, EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative director, and Veronica Diaz, ELI associate director, moderated this special two-hour webinar hosted by the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative and Quality Matters. This webinar will provide you with examples and tools to craft plans that measure the effectiveness of your online/blended instructional programs and their impact on student learning and success. You will explore rubrics, hear about institutional efforts, and engage in activities that relate to quality assurance work. The purpose of the event is to understand some approaches to measure the effectiveness of online/blended learning programs: learn about national research efforts on quality assurance in online/blended environments, gather ideas on demonstrating the efficacy of your online/blended learning implementations, and consider approaches for measuring the impact of online/blended programs within a specific institutional context. Refrences: ELI Paper 2014


  • Veronica Diaz

    Senior Director, Professional Learning and Develop, EDUCAUSE

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