Adobe Connect FAQ

Frequently asked questions regarding Adobe Connect, our web conferencing platform, used for EDUCAUSE Live!, ELI Webinars, exclusive online sessions, and other online events.

See the technical requirements page for details on all hardware and software requirements as well as mobile device information.

Questions and Answers

I cannot get into the meeting.

  1. Log-in.
    • If the event is free: Enter your first and last name in the guest field followed by your institution's name.
    • If the event required a registration fee: Enter your username in the “login” field and your password in the "password" field. Please do not copy and paste your credentials as they may include spaces.
  2. Run the Adobe Connect Connection Test, or click on the Help link on the meeting login page.
  3. Disable popup blocking software.

I cannot hear any audio.

Most sound issues are either related to your computer system volume and speakers, or an outdated version of the Adobe Flash Player.

  1. Speakers. Verify that your computer speakers are on and your computer's volume is at an audible level. If you have external speakers for your system, make sure they are turned on and up. If you don't have external speakers, ear phones usually help.
  2. Adobe Connect Audio Settings. In the Adobe Connect meeting room, go to the audio icon on the top bar, click on the down arrow and select "Adjust Speaker Volume." Move the setting to high.
  3. Adobe Flash Player. Update your Adobe Flash Player to the most recent version. Close all your browser windows, then reopen your browser and navigate back to the online session.
  4. Back-up Phone Option.
    • If your computer audio is not working and you need to request the dial-in number, please send a private chat to _Technical Help in the Adobe Connect room. To send a message, click in the upper right hand corner of the chat box and select Start Chat With > Attendees > _Technical Help.
    • International Numbers: If the call-in details note a 1-866 number, use InterCall's international numbers sheet and enter your 7-digit conference code in the "Get Dial-In Numbers" box (upper right-hand corner).

The meeting audio isn't consistent (fades, choppy). Is there anything I can do to improve it?

Occasionally you may hear breaks in the audio; these are due to temporary bandwidth issues between your location and the Adobe Connect server. The sound will come through again shortly and there will be no loss of "content" - just momentary breaks in the audio stream.

  1. Ethernet. Connect using a high speed wired line.
  2. Back-up Phone Option. See #4 above.

I hear an echo.

An echo occurs if you have the meeting room open multiple times. Please close any extra Adobe Connect windows. If you're listening via the phone, please mute your computer speakers.

The presentation slides are difficult to see.

Click on the "Full Screen" button above the presentation slides.

There are blank, gray, or white pods.

Exit out of Adobe Connect and re-enter the meeting. To exit, click on Meeting tab in the upper left hand corner then click on Exit Adobe Connect. Or close your browser window.