Team Leader Responsibility Template

Team Leader: ___________________________        Date: ___________________



Date/Time Initiated

Team Leader�s Initials


Notification and assignment of team members




Notification of Help Desk, IT-contacts, outage-report




Create documentation/log




Damage assessment and documentation:

   Include full details in the log

   Take photos for insurance




Determination of anticipated duration of emergency




Determination if operations can continue at normal locations




Confirmation of priority of previously identified  applications that must be recovered during the emergency




Establishment of operations at the IT Command Center should an alternation site be needed





Communication with key (user) administrators that recovery processes are being initiated




Post notice of emergency on website (or Akamai site)




Commence and monitor recovery procedures




Communicate status with University emergency management team






   Personnel status

   Vendor requests & responses

   Recovery progress

   Financial records and receipts




Maintain operations until possible to resume normal operations




Coordinate transition back to normal operational conditions and locations