ECAR Symposium 2006

ECAR Symposia have ranged from the real (Larry Smarr) to the virtual (Alan Kay) and from the scientific (V.S. Ramachandran) to the boundary of science and science fiction (Kate Hayle). The 2006 ECAR Symposium was designed once again to bring together those who are crafting important changes in the world with those who study the effects of such change on our institutions and work. Sessions encouraged interaction at the nexus of theory, analysis, and practice. The 2006 program reflected ECAR's commitment to dwell on both the big issues facing society and higher education and the diversity of ECAR's research agenda. The unifying theme for the 2006 conference was sustainability and in particular IT's role in protecting and preserving the academy while promoting innovation and continuous improvement. Topics for the 2006 ECAR Symposium included IT and business continuity; IT governance to foster innovation; IT security, and other issues central to sustaining the academy.

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