ECAR Annual Meeting 2014

More than 100 community members participated in the ECAR Annual Meeting 2014.

The program focused on the challenges of supporting research computing, including cyberinfrastructure; research networking; the implications of mobile; data management; and management of research computing.

Read the meeting summary, How to Excel at Research Computing in times of Diminishing Resources, Growing Demand, and Expanding Possibilities.

The meeting was held at the Tempe Mission Palms Hotel and Conference Center.


Meeting Takeaways

  • Deeper understanding of the importance of the research mission
  • Clearer roadmap for how to support the research mission
  • Stronger network of IT leaders working with research projects
  • Closer ties to ECAR groups working on projects relevant to the research mission


Keynote Speaker

Lawrence Krauss

Lawrence Krauss
Foundation Professor, Cosmology
Arizona State University

"Life, The Universe, and Nothing"

The last 50 years have witnessed a revolution in cosmology at least as great as that which occurred in the previous three centuries. Part of the revolution has occurred because of new windows on the universe, and part has occurred because of our ability to utilize large scale computing to extract signals from data and to build models to compare to data.

Lawrence Krauss, the author of the bestselling books, The Physics of Star Trek and A Universe from Nothing, will review these developments, which, among other things have demonstrated that most of the energy in the universe resides in an unexplained energy in empty space, one of the biggest mysteries in physics today.


Invited Speakers

William Gerry McCartney

William Gerry McCartney
VP for Information
Technology and CIO
Purdue University

Michael D. Roy

Michael D. Roy
Dean of LIS and CIO
Middlebury College


Peter M. Siegel
CIO and Vice Provost
University of Southern California