Research Meets Mobile: Implications and Opportunities

Tuesday, January 28 | 12:00PM–12:45PM | Palm Ballroom AD
Session Type: Professional Development

The emergence and ubiquity of smart mobile devices makes it easier and cheaper than ever to collect data. We are now seeing an evolving trend of experiential learning and research methods that are taking advantage of these devices, known as mobile data collection (MDC). This practice of gathering research data in the field through a mobile platform can be conducted in a variety of ways, including using device-specific apps, multiplatform apps, SMS data-collection tools, and public data feeds (e.g., Twitter). The tools that are being used for MDC range from proprietary tools to open-source options and can be implemented at various levels, from individual data collection (quantified self-movement) to large, multiplatform MDC environments. In this open discussion, we will focus on introducing MDC as a practice, explore MDC's promise and pitfalls, and identify best practices for using MDC in pedagogy and research with regard to security, privacy, and other potential policy implications.

Discussion facilitated by the ECAR-MSAD Working Group.