Research Networking: Infrastructure and People (Trends in Research Network Infrastructures and Collaboration Applications)

Tuesday, January 28 | 4:15PM–5:00PM | Palm Ballroom AD
Session Type: Professional Development

Research is a core mission at many of our individual institutions, but we are in a new era of shared purpose: data openness, cross-institutional collaboration, and global problem solving. New technologies at the network layer (GENI/OpenFlow/SDN, DTNs, converged network cores, science DMZs, etc.) are helping better integrate data. New collaboration tools at the application layer (UC, videoconferencing, social collaboration platforms, Hadoop, etc.) are helping us bring people together more closely. The Communication Infrastructure and Applications Working Group will focus on trends in both of these areas and foster discussion on what we can do to support researchers at, and between, our respective institutions and beyond.

Facilitated by the ECAR-CIA Working Group