Administrative IT Summit

More than 120 people joined us for the inaugural EDUCAUSE/NACUBO Administrative IT Summit, Maximizing Value in a Time of Change.

Leaders from higher education IT and business operations were represented and collaboratively assessed the challenges and opportunities of this period in administrative IT. A meeting summary will be published in July. Topics explored in Chicago included:

  • Defining the Value of Administrative IT to the Institution
  • Understanding the Potential and the Pitfalls of Business Process Reengineering (BPR)
  • Developing Effective Sourcing Strategies

Thursday Keynote

Lawrence Bacow
President Emeritus
Tufts University

Academic Leadership in a Digital Age

It is hard to pick up a newspaper these days without reading yet another critique of higher education. Many predict the end of traditional higher education as we know it. This opening session explored the pressures on the traditional business model, what we can reasonably expect from online initiatives, and how we might address the challenges facing higher education today.

Friday Panel Session

We Built, We Bought, We Shared: The Costs of Administrative
Service Systems vs. the Academic Mission

This panel discussed lessons learned from alternative approaches to managing ERP implementation costs, including building your own in the modern era, buying and implementing in smarter ways, implementing SaaS alternatives, and joining a consortium that shares processes and software development. The panel also addressed the value of minimizing the costs of administrative systems so our institutions can invest in our core missions—teaching and learning, service, and research.



Eric Denna
University of Utah

Ted Dodds
CIO and VP for IT
Cornell University

Steve Fleagle
CIO and Associate VP
University of Iowa

Laura Patterson
CIO and Associate VP
University of Michigan


Who Participated

More than 120 higher education IT and business operations leaders attended this meeting.