The ERP Blame Game: It's IT's Fault!

Thursday, June 12 | 4:15pm - 5:00pm | Crystal Ballroom B
Session Type: Professional Development
The reasons that large system implementations occasionally fail and almost never meet the lofty expectations that surrounded their purchase are well documented. The object of the blame is predictable: IT. Given this scenario, the IT professional has every incentive to push beyond traditional boundaries to craft a vision of a future not defined by technology. The reduction of complexity through comprehensive business process review must be undertaken before technology enters the discussion. Otherwise, the allure of the magic bullet of technology, buttressed by vendor claims and unrealistic expectations made to sell the project to the administration and the board, will rule. Leadership in this effort is not only the role but also the obligation of the modern higher education CIO. This discussion will reflect the ongoing efforts to replace legacy HR and financial systems at all public community and four-year colleges, research institutes, and universities that make up the Nevada System of Higher Education.