Enterprise IT Summit

Exploring the Shift from Technologies to Services

Nearly 150 people joined us in New Orleans for the EDUCAUSE/NACUBO Enterprise IT Summit 2016.

Driven largely by the increasing adoption of cloud services, institutions are moving from an era of managing technology and infrastructure to one of managing services, vendors, and contracts. Higher education IT and business operations leaders discussed this shift, its impact on the enterprise, and how IT and business leaders can prepare. 

Program Highlights

Beyond the Technology: The Broader Context of Enterprise IT

John O'Brien
President and CEO

John Walda
President and CEO

The presidents of EDUCAUSE and NACUBO set the stage for the summit, looking beyond enterprise IT to the larger dynamic of change in the higher education landscape. 


Leading Transformational Change

What does the shift from managing technologies to managing services mean for enterprise leadership? This session addressed participants' role in institutional transformation and helped them develop actionable steps to lead their institutions through the process. 

Susan Grajek
Vice President, Data, Research, and Analytics

Tracy Schroeder
Vice President, Information Services & Technology
Boston University

Joseph Sergi
Executive Vice President, Finance and Administration, CFO
Southern New Hampshire University

Robert Solis
Vice President & Chief Information Officer
University of Massachusetts Central Office