Student Success Is Everyone’s Responsibility

Wednesday, April 17 | 3:00PM–3:35PM PT | Centennial B, Third Floor
Session Type: General Session
Delivery Format: General Session
In 2017, NASPA, AIR, and EDUCAUSE entered into a partnership to evaluate the current landscape of the use of data and analytics to support student success initiatives in higher education. These organizations surveyed 970 student affairs, institutional research, and IT professionals to better understand the types of student success data projects under way in higher education, the structures institutions have in place to support these efforts, the level of coordination that exists across stakeholder units and the programs, interventions, and outcomes supported by these initiatives. The results, published in the 2018 report Institutions' Use of Data and Analytics for Student Success: Results from a National Landscape Analysis, presents the most comprehensive picture of student success analytics in higher education to date. Moreover, the report, as well as the research effort that produced this work, demonstrates clearly the need for continued collaboration across institutional units to support student success. This presentation will discuss the origins of this project, highlight key findings, and advocate for the cultivation of cross-organizational collaboration in the space of student success analytics.

Outcomes: Understand the level of adoption of student success analytics at US institutions and the outcomes from those efforts * Articulate the roles and responsibilities of various campus stakeholders in student success analytics * Explore the student populations most studied and the interventions conducted


  • D. Christopher Brooks

    Senior Analyst, The Tambellini Group

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  • Student Success is Everyones Responsibility

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