Call for Proposals

IT, IR, and Business and Finance Professionals: Share Your Innovative Analytics Ideas!

Your experience is vital to empowering other higher ed leaders develop their own analytics initiatives that enable and support institutional mission and goals. Please consider sharing your stories with your peers from IT, IR, and business and finance by submitting a proposal for the 2020 Enterprise Summit. Carefully read the information below and follow the checklist at the bottom of this page.

Enterprise Summit Theme for 2020

Mission Matters! This event will explore the connections between analytics and institutional mission and bring together senior-level professionals in the areas of information technology, institutional research, and business and finance. Participants will discuss using analytics in ways that advance institutional strategies, provide meaningful information for decision-making, and enhance efforts aimed at mission fulfillment.

2020 Program Tracks

The tracks for the 2020 Enterprise Summit cover a wide spectrum of topics related to the connection between institutional mission and analytics. Proposals that clearly describe innovative and forward-looking work will receive the highest priority in the selection process.

  1. Mission Matters: Investing. Investing in analytics can be seen as an investment in institutional mission, whether that investment is in time, effort, resources, or all three. Sessions in this track will focus on the investments in analytics under way at colleges and universities aimed at forwarding institutional mission, including investment in workforce development, toolsets, and improved processes.
  2. Mission Matters: Informing. EDUCAUSE defines analytics as "the use of data, statistical analysis, and explanatory and predictive models to gain insight and act on complex issues." Sessions in this track will focus on using analytics to inform progress on existing institutional mission and goals.
  3. Mission Matters: Transforming. By analyzing data, institutions can get a view into the impact of changes in strategic direction on everything from student success to operational efficiency to financial goals. Sessions in this track will describe how analytics is being used in transformation efforts related to institutional strategic changes, including work toward digital transformation.

Session Types

All summit sessions will be conducted face-to-face in the meeting venue. Proposals will be selected to ensure the conference program offers a comprehensive, noncommercial, objective, and diverse treatment of issues related to the theme and focus of this event. You may be invited to present in a track other than the one you selected.

Breakout Sessions

All track sessions will be 45 minutes and will be held in Chicago, Illinois, June 17–19, 2020.

Consider these tips before submitting a proposal:

  • Track sessions (45-minute presentations) should focus on practical applications of analytics in support of institutional mission.
  • Keep your audience in mind. Attendees will be senior leaders in the areas of IT, IR, and business and finance.
  • Explore the EDUCAUSE Presenter Concierge for tips on writing a successful proposal.

Selection Criteria

All submitted proposals are reviewed and evaluated by the Enterprise Summit Program Committee and invited readers against the following criteria:

  • Relevance of topic: Does it connect with the focus on analytics in support of institutional mission?
  • Proposed topic coverage: Does the proposal adequately cover content related to the proposers' learning objectives and key stated outcomes?
  • Presenter knowledge: Does the presenter have sufficient knowledge, expertise, and authority to address this topic based on evidence provided in the proposal and/or prior experience with or knowledge of the presenter?
  • Engagement strategies: Does the presenter include specific strategies with which to engage participants in the session content and do those strategies align with the session's learning objectives/outcomes?
  • Overall rating: What is your evaluation of this proposal overall?

Corporate Participation

The program committee will not review proposals that include a corporate presenter. A limited number of Industry and Campus Solutions presentations will be accepted via the Corporate Participation page. These are presentations by a corporation or industry partner coupled with an institutional member on challenges and opportunities related to the use of analytics to support institutional mission. Please note: There is a fee for presenting an Industry and Campus Solutions presentation.

On behalf of the 2020 Enterprise Analytics Summit Program Committee, we hope to see you in Chicago in June!