The Future of Enterprise Systems

Wednesday, May 24 | 4:30PM–5:45PM | Renaissance Ballroom - 5th Floor
Session Type: Professional Development
Senior ECAR Fellow Dr. Robert Kvavik once said that enterprise systems are the tools that empower people to change the business of higher education. Indeed, these systems have helped alter the delivery of core institutional services in profound ways. In our lifetimes, we have seen them evolve from host-based architectures to client/server architectures to the Web. Today, concepts like open source, business-process outsourcing, service-oriented architecture, and others herald continued change. In this session, top executives from Datatel, Oracle, SAP, and SunGard Higher Education will discuss their visions of enterprise systems and the implications for higher education.


  • Curtiss Barnes

    CEO, Argos Education
  • Richard Katz

    Consultant, Richard N. Katz and Associates
  • Malcolm Woodfield

    Global VP - Higher Education, SAP Public Services Inc

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