A Closer Look at IPv4 Allocation Requests: Managing a Now-Scarce Resource

Thursday, May 07 | 12:15PM–1:30PM | Florida/Illinois Rooms
Session Type: Professional Development
The world is running out of IPv4 space, and, unlike Y2K, not enough people are paying attention to it. It isn't clear when IPv6 will be fully adopted by the various hardware and software systems we depend on, and, in any case, IPv6 will not be a silver bullet. In the meantime, IPv4 has become a scarce and valued resource. Decisions about who gets how much are more important, and efforts to reclaim unused space should be under way. This talk will discuss the IPv4/v6 problem and share what the University of Wisconsin is doing to address it.


  • Perry Brunelli

    University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • David Parter

    Director of Academic Computer Services, Computer Sciences Department, University of Wisconsin-Madison

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