Community Guidance for Cloud Services: Security, Privacy, and Compliance

Wednesday, April 17 | 10:45AM–11:30AM | Salon B
Session Type: Professional Development
Internet2 has announced a series of new cloud-based services to meet the needs of higher education institutions through partnerships with commercial providers. To meet the objectives of the NET+ program, including the security requirements of NET+ participants, Internet2 organized the NET+ Security initiative. The primary objective for this initiative is to develop guidance that, with proper implementation, will meet the security needs of our NET+ participants while helping enable the service providers to manage their costs and to offer discounted prices. This presentation will describe the NET+ Security guidance and summarize experience to date with the implementation.


  • Bob Brammer

  • Paul Howell

    Chief Cyberinfrastructure Security Officer, Internet2
  • Kathy Kimball

    Cybersecurity Audit Specialist, University of Virginia