I Want to Be Automated! Using VOIP in the Classroom

Wednesday, March 30 | 9:30AM–10:20AM | Room 552 B
Session Type: Professional Development
By using automated control systems, Temple University's Classroom Technology Support group has found a solution to effectively and efficiently respond to the technology needs of educators in the classroom. This type of assistance minimizes downtime in the classroom due to operational error or technology glitches while training the educators on tips to self-assess common and recurring technology issues. Initially promoted primarily for monitoring resources, RMS by AMX provided Temple with so much more. The improved communication between users and support staff quickly became one of the key benefits. The AMX VoIP gateway coupled with VoIP capable touch panels is aiding Temple in providing both proactive and reactive support and in documentation of support requests and response time. AMX solutions simplify the automation of Temple's classrooms so educators can focus on teaching rather than equipment.