Legal Basics for Non-Lawyers

Tuesday, March 29 | 4:00PM–4:50PM | Room 554
Session Type: Professional Development
Where does law come from, and whose laws does your campus IT department have to obey? Why do public and private institutions have different legal requirements? What's the difference between a constitution and a statute, between a statute and a regulation, between legislative law and common law, between government (public) law and contract (private) law? Where does law end and policy begin, and who is in charge of each? Increasingly, an understanding of the legal system is needed to manage day-to-day campus IT. In this panel, two experts on campus IT policy and law will provide that basic background to help you navigate your way through the growing legal thicket, and the process -- and pleasures -- of working with your lawyers.

This session is sponsored by ICPL, the Institute for Computer Policy and Law.


  • Steve McDonald

    General Counsel, Rhode Island School of Design
  • Heidi Wachs

    Vice President, Stroz Friedberg LLC

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