Seminar 03A - Leveraging Mobile Technologies on Our Campuses and Beyond
PLEASE NOTE: Separate registration and fee are required to attend this seminar.

Monday, March 28 | 9:30AM–1:00PM | Room 551
Session Type: Professional Development
Our goals for the seminar are to present an overview of how mobile is being leveraged on campuses in our region. We plan to showcase campus mobile technology deployments and a rich range of mobile applications for teaching, learning, and research-from collaborative mapping and classroom response in the humanities to health sciences education in the clinics, iPads and GIS for urban ecology, and beyond! The session will include interactive segments that engage participants in hands-on exploration of devices and apps and will include some orientation to technical development frameworks and approaches for developing mobile applications in higher education.


  • Pete Akins

    Senior Developer. Open Source Coordinator, Modo Labs Inc
  • Susan Albright

    Director, Tufts University Sciences Knowledgebase, Tufts University
  • Justin Anderson

    Project Lead, Mobile Computing, MIT
  • Tim Lindgren

    Senior Instructional Developer, Boston College
  • Kristin Sullivan

    Senior Director, Educational Technology and Public Leadership Credential, Harvard University

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