Successful Blended Learning Models for Large-Enrollment Classes

Tuesday, March 29 | 9:30AM–10:20AM | Room 550
Session Type: Professional Development
In order to respond to the demands of an ever-growing student body with reduced budgets, many traditional residential colleges and universities are turning to blended modes of delivery. In this context, the problems we seek to explore in this session are closely tied to the strategies for teaching large-enrollment classes in blended format. Can courses of 300–500 students be blended? Will the educational quality of the course deteriorate? Is there a specific model of blended delivery that better fits large lecture class? We will share the results and findings of the 2009–10 Fellowship Program at the University of Massachusetts–Amherst.


  • Karin Camihort

  • Heath Hatch

    Senior Lecturer, Physics, University of Massachusetts Amherst

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