Building a Comprehensive Mobile Presence at Boston College

Tuesday, March 13 | 5:30PM–6:20PM | Room 550
Session Type: NC12
What is a "mobile campus"? More than just another screen size to support, mobile presence changes the where, when, and how often colleges and universities must engage with their various communities. A successful mobile strategy incorporates all areas of academic life: engaging with prospective students and other visitors, providing just-in-time information and access to services for current students, offering faculty new tools for active and experiential learning, helping staff provide administrative and academic services more efficiently, and allowing alumni to maintain close ties to campus goings-on. A mobile campus is connected, cohesive, and ready for anything. Boston College and Modo Labs will discuss specific mobile solutions that work and the technologies that power them. Learn how mobile can benefit your institution and the models that have worked for BC and other schools.


  • Scott Olivieri

    Director, Web Services, Boston College