Take a Break or Listen to a Session Stream from EDUCAUSE 2011

Tuesday, March 13 | 1:20PM–2:00PM
Session Type: NC12
Feel free to take a break and stretch your legsÂ… or listen to one of the following streams from our EDUCAUSE 2011 annual conference. Here are some recommendations. We will post the links to these recordings on the day of the event.


Featured Session: Clearing the Clouds, or Clouding Over? A Conversation with Roger Bruszewski and Joanne Kossuth (Length: 0:50. Abstract.)

Featured Session: Clients Get IT, and So Must We. Speaker: Marilyn A. McMillan (Length: 0:50 Abstract.)

Concurrent Session: Creating and Sustaining an Effective PMO: Challenges and Lessons Learned. Speakers: Kelley Anderson, Philip Neufeld, Robyn Betts, Jane Bachand, Dwayne Cable, Alison D. Cruess (Length: 0:50. Abstract.)

Concurrent Session: Privacy, the First Amendment, and Common Decency Online: Striking a Balance.Speakers: Heidi L. Wachs, Tracy Mitrano, Joseph Storch (Length: 0:50. Abstract.)

Featured Session: The Road Ahead: What the IT Leaders of the Future Need to Know.Speakers: Thornton May (Length: 0:50. Abstract.)

Concurrent Session: There's a Party in Security and Everyone's Invited.Speakers: Geoffrey Wilson (Length: 0:50. Abstract.)

Concurrent Session: Transitioning to a Leadership Role: The First 90 Days and Beyond.Speakers: Thomas Dugas, Ellen Borkowski, Raechelle Clemmons, Marsha Kay Schnirring, Lorraine M. Frost, Annette Marksberry, Carlos R. Morales (Length: 0:50. Abstract.)

Concurrent Session: You Need to Go Mobile Now, but How? The UC/UCLA Mobile Web Framework.Speakers: William Allison, Eric Bollens, Rosemary A. Rocchio, Mojgan Amini, Richard Trott, Ed Sakabu (Length: 0:50. Abstract.)

Online-Only Sessions

Online-Only Session: Expert Discussion Session: Using Social Media to Leverage Your Professional Networks. Speakers: Tanya Joosten, Shannon Ritter (Length: 0:35. Abstract.)

Online-Only Session: Lightning Round - Technology Accessibility in Higher Ed: You Can Do IT!Speakers: Terrill Thompson, Gerard L. Hanley, Susan Henderson, Cyndi Rowland, Bruce Maas, Alice Anderson, Daniel Goldstein (Length: 1:05. Abstract.)