NERCOMP Annual Conference

About the Conference

The NERCOMP Annual Conference 2013 took place March 11-13, 2013 in Providence, Rhode Island, and online. Themed "Improvising the Future,” the conference focused on ways we can improvise, collaborate with colleagues, and build on existing frameworks to arrive at creative solutions for the future.

Location: The conference took place at the Rhode Island Convention Center, One Sabin Street, Providence, RI, 02903

Conference Highlights

All Recordings Now Publicly Available: Webcast session recordings and all MP3 and MP4 files from the conference are now publicly available.

General Session Speakers: (watch session recordings by clicking on the session title and scrolling down to the video)

Face-to-Face Highlights

Senior Leadership Forum: This small and informal gathering brought together top higher education IT leadership for an informal discussion and exchange of insights and IT solutions.

Who Attended in 2013

More than 500 higher education professionals attended the conference on-site in Providence, and an additional 51 people participated online. See the face-to-face and online participant lists (login and registration required) and view downloadable PDF registration lists for the 2013 face-to-face and online meetings by:





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