Collegiate Collaborations: A Toolkit for Promoting and Supporting Interinstitutional Collaboration

Tuesday, March 12 | 11:50AM–12:25PM
Session Type: NC13OL

Interinstitutional collaborations are starting to occur with greater frequency. Not only does collaboration allow institutions to leverage resources to best advantage, it also creates new opportunities for creativity and innovation. As participants in a National Institute for Technology in Liberal Education (NITLE) Innovation Studio, the presenters developed a platform to share tools and best practices for collaboration to help those new to the process. In this session, we will share our findings and invite the community of collaborators and would-be collaborators to join our site, Collegiate Collaborations, and participate (see


  • Veronica Pejril

    Director of Faculty Instructional Technology, DePauw University
  • Karen Warren

    Associate Vice President for Information Technology, Wesleyan University

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