Lending iPads 101: Steps to Loan from Your Library

Wednesday, March 13 | 9:30AM–10:20AM | Room 554
Session Type: NC13
This presentation will cover the initial rollout of the iPad lending program, including staff training and education, technology purchases, security and loan policies, campus partnerships to aid the program, creation and implementation of a patron survey assessment, unintended results, and our future plans to build and improve on the program. We will also highlight our use of "mixed mode" installation of apps. We maintain and continuously update a specific selection of apps included in the iPad image for lending/circulation while still giving patrons the ability to use their Apple ID to add apps and use the device in a personal context.


  • Chris Bellotti

    Application Technology Support Specialist, Providence College
  • Julie Cicilline

    Instructional Technology Development Program Coordinator, Providence College