Planning, Designing, and Delivering an Engaging and Effective Web Conference

Tuesday, March 12 | 5:30PM–6:20PM | Room 552
Session Type: NC13

Today more than ever, professionals need to communicate and collaborate with each other to accomplish their work. While tight budgets, busy schedules, and technology advancements make web conferencing a desirable delivery option, an effective and engaging web conference requires more than just learning the technology. In this session, you will learn tips, best practices, and lessons learned about planning, designing, and delivering live online experiences. This workshop will draw on Harvard Graduate School of Education's extensive experience using web conferencing with faculty and staff for virtual guest speakers, virtual office hours, webinar-style conferences, online meetings, one-on-one consultations, and more.


  • Gino Beniamino

    Instructional Technologist, Harvard University
  • Kristin Sullivan

    Senior Director, Educational Technology and Public Leadership Credential, Harvard University
  • Bill Wisser

    Director, Teaching and Learning Lab, Harvard University

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