What the MOOC Have We Done? UMass Boston Shares Design Perspectives from Two Projects

Wednesday, March 13 | 3:50PM–4:40PM | Room 552
Session Type: NC13
By summer's end, UMass Boston will have sponsored two MOOCs hosted in two distinct learning platforms, Exploration of Molecular Dynamics and Coasts and Communities. What connects these diverse MOOCs is participation by a team with skills in instructional design, instructional technology, media design, and video production, all represented on this panel. During the session, team members will unpack findings and reveal the questions that remain for us regarding exactly how, how much, and how well our combined experience and skills have prepared us to develop MOOCs. Many attendees will likely have experience participating in (if not designing) MOOCs, so we'll "turn the microphones around" to learn how other institutions and individuals have experienced MOOC-based learning.


  • Christian deTorres

  • Alan Girelli

    Director, Center for Innovation and Excellence in eLearning, University of Massachusetts Boston
  • Rrezarta Hyseni

    Instructional Designer, University of Massachusetts Boston
  • Apostolos Koutropoulos

    Online Program Manager, University of Massachusetts Boston
  • David O'Rourke