Developing an Engagement Model from the Inside Out

Tuesday, March 25 | 4:00PM–4:50PM | Room 554
Session Type: Professional Development

At some point in our careers we've all learned that it is much easier to get somewhere once you know where you are going. As leaders of others, it becomes even more important to know not only where you are trying to go but also how to share that vision with others and get everyone moving in the same direction. This session will share a success story about listening, collaborating, and learning from what we already know to move forward on a journey and change the way we engage with our customers and ourselves.

OBJECTIVES: Obtain a list of simple steps to ensure alignment with your university's strategy and needs a method for gathering a consensus-based view of your critical success factors * See a real-life example of the collaborative approach we used to grow a common understanding and build consensus as well as examples of actionable ways to move from concept to real change


  • Brian Ensor

    Asoc VP, Cybersecurity,Infrastructure and Research, The George Washington University
  • Christina Griffin

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