Getting Started with Flipped Instruction at Your Institution

Tuesday, March 25 | 5:30PM–6:20PM | Room 550
Session Type: Professional Development

In this session, you will learn the fundamentals you need to know to successfully introduce flipped classroom techniques in higher education classrooms. The presenters will leverage their personal experience and published material to look at a brief history of flipping the classroom, share some specific techniques to employ, and examine empirical evidence supporting the success of the practice. The session will wrap up with a demonstration of a number of the tools and applications that can be used and some thoughts on strategies for moving forward.

OBJECTIVES: Understand what flipped teaching is and what it isn't * Learn about a number of flipped instruction tools and techniques * Learn how to get started developing your own flipped teaching implementation plan * Examine empirical evidence supporting the effectiveness of flipped instruction * Discover resources for continuing to learn about flipped teaching and learning


  • David Gannon

    Director of Technology and Innovation, Bryant University
  • Kelly Walsh

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