It Takes a Campus: A Collaborative Approach to Risk Management and Information Security

Tuesday, March 25 | 4:00PM–4:50PM | Room 553
Session Type: Professional Development
Aligning risk management and information security can yield campus-wide benefits but also requires a campus-wide effort. Through the cooperative efforts of cross-institutional information security committee, Dartmouth College has developed an effective and efficient approach to addressing information security risk and mitigating controls. The results of the committee's work include the adoption of a comprehensive risk-based information security policy and a compliance initiative that reaches academic, administrative, and research departments.

OBJECTIVES: Learn about Dartmouth's experience with a cooperative approach to risk management and information security, including developing a committee that represents the broad scope of campus interests and using information security representatives in each department to assist in awareness and policy compliance efforts * Understand the benefits of information sharing, migrating from narrative- to control-based policy, mapping college policies to both regulatory and financial security standards, and integrating information security and risk-management campus-wide * Learn about the challenges and successes of rolling out a campus-wide compliance program


  • Adam Goldstein

    Associate Director - Information Security, Dartmouth College
  • Steve Nyman

    CISO, Dartmouth College