Transparency and Morality: IT Governance in Practice

Wednesday, March 26 | 3:50PM–4:40PM | Room 554
Session Type: Professional Development

IT governance in theory is a wonderful idea: it replaces the traditional "black box" of campus technology decision making with a community-based alternative that is transparent, open, and efficient. Everyone, it says, should know what's been proposed, how proposals have been decided on, how decisions are made, and when approved things are expected to happen. It's the sixties versus realpolitik. But can it actually work? Will your campus buy into IT governance? That's what this presentation will ask. The presenters will draw on their experience as leaders of the Brandeis University governance team to share real-world practices, challenges, and successful techniques.

OBJECTIVES: Learn about the philosophy, history, and general state of IT governance in higher education * Learn about the particular systems and processes used in the newly operational Brandeis University IT governance system (and potentially the systems of additional schools) * Learn about the people side of IT governance and about community-based decision-making systems * Understand whether transparent, open, community-oriented, decision-making processes are feasible in higher education * Learn how to approach the implementation (or improvement) of your own system of IT governance * Be able to network with other IT governance professionals


  • Lindsay Barton

  • Dave Wedaman

    Organizational Development Consultant

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