Blogging 3.0: From Personalistic Chronologies to Information Architecture

Wednesday, April 01 | 2:50PM–3:40PM | West Prefunction Area
Session Type: Professional Development
We have moved beyond Blogging 1.0: personalistic and reverse-chronological web publishing. We've even moved past Blogging 2.0: an academic version of the same thing. Today Yale is exploring Blogging 3.0: professors invite students to work collaboratively over weeks or months or years, to learn about and use information architecture, to share visual and geospatial data (among other types), and to publish their knowledge as a public service. Those who attend this session will learn to identify opportunities across disciplines, explore plug-in modules, themes and customization; and to support faculty in helping students build knowledge collaboratively in the public interest.

OUTCOMES: Identify possible opportunities from the courses you currently support or have supported at your home institution * Draft an information architecture and matching site structure and explore relevant themes, modules, and extensions


  • Alina Nevins

    Associate Director of IT, Yale Office of International Students & Scholars (OISS), Yale University
  • Edward O'Neill

    Senior Instructional Designer
  • Pam Patterson

    Digital Technologist, Yale University

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