Digital Devices, Digital Brains

Wednesday, April 01 | 3:50PM–4:40PM | Room 555
Session Type: Professional Development
Researchers are uncovering how interfacing with technology changes both brain structures and processing, consequently influencing how we think. More specifically, there is a scarcity of research on the effects of digital reading in relation to recall accuracy and comprehension. Likewise, there is inadequate guidance for choosing digital devices (reading modes) for instruction and learning. This session will build on current findings on the impact of using technology in relation to learning and performance. Specifically, the speaker will present an original quasiexperimental study comprising digital and paper readers that extends current research about the relationships between technology and learning.

OUTCOMES: Understand how interfacing with digital devices influence cognitive processing * Examine experimental research results that investigated differences in reading comprehension between digital and paper readers * Understand the effects of digital devices on learning


  • Anne Niccoli

    Training & Instructional Systems Designer, US Coast Guard Academy

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