From No Seat to Multiple Hats: The Evolution of the Information Security Management Function

Wednesday, April 01 | 9:30AM–10:20AM | Room 553
Session Type: Professional Development
Information security has evolved as a discipline over the past two decades, and managing a security program is no longer just about administering firewall rules. In this talk, attendees will hear from a current CISO who has been in security leadership for over 15 years and has witnessed and experienced how the role has evolved from merely thinking about bits and bytes to managing security programs that are moving toward a holistic risk mitigation and reduction function that includes privacy, compliance, and more.

OUTCOMES: Understand how security has grown in importance to an institution's overall success * Learn how security leadership now has much broader responsibility for risk reduction * Receive guidance on what to focus on and how to position security leadership


  • David Sherry

    Chief Information Security Officer, Princeton University

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