Interacting with Interactive Fiction

Wednesday, April 01 | 3:50PM–4:40PM | Room 551
Session Type: Professional Development
The world of interactive fiction includes games like Choose Your Own Adventures, old-school text adventures, and visual novels. Come discover how dungeon delving, puzzle solving, and diving into nonlinear narratives can enhance teaching and learning in the classroom. We'll explore what it takes for both learners and instructors to create interactive fiction, then immerse ourselves in a work-in-progress so we can personally experience how such games can be effectively used as pedagogical tools. By the end of the session, you'll have pointers on how to make interactive fiction games of your own.

OUTCOMES: Understand what is meant by "interactive fiction" * Learn how to apply interactive fiction and games to teaching and learning * Discover how to get started writing your own interactive fiction


  • Mike Hilborn

    Associate Director, Academic Platforms and Development, Harvard University
  • Dana Milstein

    Academic Technology Specialist to the Humanities, Yale University

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